Tips for Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit in Minot
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We know that the weather can be wacky here around Minot, but we think it’s finally safe to say: Pack away your winter clothes! Stow your sweaters, say goodbye to your scarves and tell your heavy coats you’ll see them in the fall. Follow these tips to free up space at home and properly store your winter clothes.

Wash Before Storing

Even if your winter wear doesn’t look dirty, give it a good wash before storing. Dry clean those that need it to remove subtle body oils that can create odors when you remove your items from storage in a few months.

Use Deodorizers

Even when clean, stored clothes can become a little musty. Combat this by placing dryer sheets between folded items or even sprinkling your clothes with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Hanging vs. Folding

Deciding whether to hang or fold your clothes depends on the specific garments. Fold sweaters and place them in fabric storage bags or plastic bins. Zip up your winter coats, button the buttons and gently fold them so they keep their shape or hang them. Delicates can be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper before being stored in garment bags. Store your boots with boot forms to help them keep their shape over the summer, then store them in plastic bins.

Choose the Right Storage Boxes

Cardboard boxes are great for storing some things, but we highly recommend plastic bins for storing clothes and shoes. Use clear plastic bins to make it easy to see what’s inside, and don’t cram the boxes full of clothes. Pack like clothes together, label each bin and add them to your self-storage inventory so you know exactly where they are later.

Following these tips can free up space in your closet now and keep your clothes looking their best when winter rolls around again.