Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit for Frequent Access
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Spending time now to properly organize your self-storage unit in Minot can save you plenty of headaches later. Follow these simple steps to get organized, stay organized and always be able to find what you need in your storage unit.

1. Use similar-sized boxes.

We know there are all kinds of different sized boxes available, but whenever possible, pack your belongings in boxes of a similar size. This makes accessibility and stacking far easier.

2. Think about the stored items you’ll use most often.

Consider the items in your storage unit that you will retrieve most regularly. These may include summer or winter clothing, seasonal decorations, trip supplies (like camping or snorkeling gear), kids toys, hobby supplies, office documents or tools. Place these items in easy-to-access spaces, like near the front of your unit. 

3. Clearly label your boxes.

Use a permanent marker to boldly label your boxes on both the tops and at least one side. We recommend using a number system that corresponds with a “master contents” list (see the next step!).

4. Keep a list of “master contents.”

As you pack and number each box, keep an inventory of everything in the box. Writing down the contents may feel cumbersome right now, but it can save you hours of digging through boxes when you need to retrieve something later.

5. Make a map!

Finally, sketch out your storage space and mark where you are placing each box. This “map” will make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for in the future. We are happy to recommend the best sized storage unit in Minot for your needs. Contact us today to start the process!