Top Ten Tips and Tricks for Self-Storage
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Downsizing your home? Just need a bit more space? Our self storage units are the perfect solution when you want to keep your belonging safe and secure while creating a bit more space at home. Follow these top ten tips to get the most out of your storage space in Minot.

Use Dryer Sheets

You may think dryer sheets are only for making clothing smell fresh and flowery, but they can be used to freshen up anything you are storing. They also keep away spiders, moths and other insects. Tuck a sheet in your boxes and in the corners of your unit to keep it smelling fresh.

Maximize Your Space

Make the most of your storage space by stacking boxes vertically. Keep heavy items on the bottom and use a shelving unit if you need to. This will maximize your space and allow you to store all your belongings easily.

Protect Your Valuables

Always wrap your valuables with bubble wrap before stowing them away in boxes. This will ensure your treasured items are still intact when you retrieve them later.

Use Labels

Always label your boxes with their contents. Keep an inventory list that matches your boxes to easily find your items later when you want to pull them out of storage.

Disassemble First

Make more space in your storage unit by disassembling things like entertainment stands or large tables. Keep all the pieces together and store tiny parts like screws in a baggie taped to one of the larger pieces.

Use Space Wisely

If you can’t disassemble a larger piece of furniture like a hutch or dresser, use the space wisely. Your dresser can be used to store fragile items!

Leave an Aisle

Always leave an aisle going through your storage unit so you can easily access boxes later. This makes it easier to see all your belongings and will make it far more efficient to find items later.

Clean Items Before Storing

Even if you are in a rush to pack up and store your items, always take the time to properly clean and treat them before packing them away. You’ll thank yourself later, and your items will be in good condition when you retrieve them.

Dry Your Items Thoroughly

If you are storing a fridge or dishwasher, always drain them and defrost completely before storing to avoid moisture in your unit.

Vacuum Seal to Save Space

Vacuum seal bags are great tools for storing items and reducing space. Try vacuum sealing pillows, blankets, bedding and clothes to create more room.

Following these tips can help you maximize your storage unit. To reserve your space, contact us today!