The Best Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit in Minot
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When using our self-storage units in Minot, one of the most common mistakes we see people make is simply dropping off their boxes in their space without a plan. Sure, this method is easy now, but it makes it harder to find your belongings later. To make the most of your space and keep access to your belongings convenient, follow these tips for organizing your storage unit.

1. Leave a Path

If you’ll need to access your belongings often, we highly suggest creating a clear path across the center of your self-storage unit. This will make it easier to access the entire space. Have items you will need to access fairly often, like sports equipment? Place them closest to the door!

If you don’t anticipate accessing your unit frequently, feel free to skip the walkway and pack the space full.

2. Pack Wisely

We highly recommend keeping an inventory list to keep track of everything in your storage unit. Write down every item in each box and label boxes clearly. When you want to retrieve something later, having a well-kept inventory makes it easy.

3. Stack Smartly

Place your heaviest boxes on the bottom and stack lighter ones on top. If you’re storing a couch, save space by storing it vertically. Mattresses and box springs may also be stored upright to save space. Slide paintings or mirrors between a mattress and box spring, and don’t place sharp or heavy belongings on upholstered furniture. Leave a bit of space, about an inch, between boxes and the walls. This will make retrieving items easier in the future.

Our team are experts at smart stacking and helping you choose the ideal storage space. For recommendations and to reserve your affordable self-storage unit in Minot, contact us today!