Choosing the Right Size Storage Space
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Choosing the right size storage space in Minot can be tricky, but our team is happy to help you get the best size for your needs. Whether you need to store an apartment’s worth of furniture during a move or just need a space to keep seasonal clothes and decorations, we’ve got you covered! Check out this handy table to view our available storage spaces and get an idea for what may work best for your needs, then contact us today to talk to one of our experts and reserve your space!

Approximate Unit Size Cubic Ft. Monthly Rent Will Hold
4'x15' 480 $40 Several pieces of furniture and boxes
5'x15' 600 $45 Several pieces of furniture and boxes. Motorcycle.
5'x15' (Upstairs) 600 $30 Boxes, bikes and patio furniture
6'x15' 720 $45 1-bedroom apartment
8'x15' 960 $55 1-bedroom apartment
10'x10' 800 $50 1-bedroom apartment
5'x20' 800 $50 1-bedroom apartment
10'x20' 1600 $65 Size of a 1-car garage; 2-3 bedroom apt. or house
12'x25' 2400 $85 Size of a 1-2 car garage; 3-4 bedroom apt. or house
20'x20' 3200 $125 Size of a 2-car garage; 4-5 bedroom apt. or house
15'x40' 4800 $135 Size of a 3-car garage; 4-5 bedroom apt. or house
30'x40' (20' tall) 24000 $255 You name it!