Choosing the Right Moving Company
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There’s no way around it: moving is always a hassle. From packing everything you own into boxes to getting them from point A to point B, moving can be time-consuming and challenging for even the most organized. But one of the best ways to simplify the process is to enlist the services of an experienced moving company. Whether your stuff is ending up at one of our self-storage units in Minot, a new home or a different office, using movers can reduce stress and make the process far easier.

When considering hiring a moving company, consider the cost, services and reputation of the company. Follow these tips to make the best choice.

Considering Cost

If you have money to spare during the moving process, hiring a moving company is the best way to invest it. In return, you’ll get peace of mind and a far less stressful move. How much that peace of mind will cost depends on a few factors.

Any reputable moving company should provide a free quote based on the size of your home, how much needs to be moved and how far your belongings will be traveling. Some may offer in-home consultations while others will just ask detailed questions over the phone.

One way to save is to do a bit of the work yourself — while many moving services will organize and box up your belongings, doing it yourself can save a ton of money. Prep your boxes for moving day and simply pay the company to move the items and your furniture to your new location or self-storage unit.

Considering Services

That brings us to our next point — the services offered by moving companies. Depending on your needs and budget, a moving company can pack up everything in your place for you, from your dishwater and knick-knacks to books and clothing. Some will also unpack once your belongings make it to your new place.

Ask for a detailed list of services when you are getting a quote, including info about how long it will take for your belongings to arrive at their final location.

Considering Reputation

Reviews will be your best friend when choosing a moving company. Check social media and sites like Yelp for honest opinions from real customers. Focus on the most recent reviews, and don’t be afraid to ask a moving company for references before enlisting their services.

If you’re moving, choosing the right self-storage unit is just as important as choosing the right moving company. Our affordable self-storage units in Minot ND are safe, convenient and available in a variety of sizes for your needs. Contact us today to learn more!