8 Reasons You Need Self Storage
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Our self-storage units in Minot are secure, affordable and convenient. With short- and long-term rentals available, we offer the perfect solution for these eight scenarios:

1. You’re moving.

This is probably the top reason people reserve our self storage units. They are moving into a new home, living in temporary housing, relocating or transitioning between leases and need a space to safely store their belongings during the process.

2. You’re going through a life transition.

Whether you’re caring for a loved one’s estate, downsizing due to retirement, coping with a natural disaster or going through a divorce, our self storage units can ease your burdens while you work through this chapter of your life.

3. You’re decluttering.

Streamlining your life? Decluttering is a great way to create more space for the things you love, but you may want to hang on to some special items instead of giving them away. Keep your most precious things safe and sound in our storage units and access them anytime.

4. You’re living in a small space.

Our self storage units in Minot can make living in apartments and other tight spaces easier. Use our spaces to free up room in your own by storing everything from seasonal clothing and decor to sports equipment, sentimental belongings or anything else that is important but not regularly used.

5. You’re renovating.

Remodeling can take weeks to months, and you may need to move furniture, appliances and other objects out of the way for work crews or tools. Our units are a convenient, affordable temporary solution.

6. You’re running a business.

Many folks use our secure storage spaces to house their business inventory, files, materials and equipment. It’s always available when you need it!

7. You’re a college student.

Ask us about our discounts for students! College students love Minot Econo Storage because we make it easy to stow away items that won’t fit in dorm rooms. Our units are also a great solution if you are studying abroad or going home for the summer.

8. You’re in the military.

We also offer military discounts! When relocating is part of your lifestyle, our units make it easy to care for your belongings and transition to new housing.

If you fall into any of these categories, contact us today to reserve your space at Minot Econo Storage!